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taking care of an infant


Every child is a gift from God and every child is special in his own way. It is our responsibility to take care of our little bundle of joy in the best possible way. Here are a few tips that you can follow in understanding or in better taking care of an infant .


For 0-2 months old baby:


  • Babies at this age usually sleep between 17-18 hours. Make sure that they get a peaceful sleep. Do not suddenly wake the baby up as it can have disturbance in their sleeping patterns as well as it will have a bad effect on their mind and will become fussy and cry.
  • Feed the baby, every after 1-2 hours. Baby’s stomach is too small that it gets full fast and gets empty much faster.
  • Give light body massage to your newborn as it can completely relax your baby and it is very important for your baby’s development and in taking care of an infant. In summers, try to give body massage before bath, with coconut oil or olive oil (it nourishes the skin). And in winters, try to give massage in the night , before letting your baby to sleep, with mustard oil(with some garlic or almonds in it) as it helps prevent any congestion (that normally happens in winters).
  • Try to use fewer diapers mainly in the night or while going out. Diapers can harm your child’s soft skin. In case of any rash, apply some coconut oil or diaper rash cream on the affected area.

For 2-4 months old baby:

  • While taking care of an infant,Try to build the baby’s sleeping routine. Help her in distinguish between morning and night. It might get difficult at such a small age but continuous efforts can really make a change.
  • Encourage more playtime. Remember that your newborn can get tired every after 2 hours, so you can give her a quick power nap.
  • Many children suffer from the problems related to digestion, for that, you can apply some asafoetida mixed with 3-4 drops of breastmilk( or freshwater) on her belly, it will give her quick relief.
  • Encourage more belly time. Make your baby lie on her belly. This will help in making her muscles strong and will keep all the gastric problems far away.

For 5-6 months old baby:

  • Help your baby in doing little exercise like cycling(Hold your baby’s feet with your hands and rotate in clockwise and in an anti-clockwise direction).
  • Play with your baby. At this age, baby’s can easily understand most of your gestures. You can play a game like peek-a-boo.
  • Sucking hand or thumb is quite common at this age, you can cover her hands with gloves or you can give a toy in her hand. This will help you in overcoming this problem also it will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.
  • You can make her taste different types of food too. It will help develop her taste.

Last but not the least ,while taking care of an infant, enjoy your motherhood. For some it is a challenging period, we understand, but try to enjoy each and every moment with the beautiful blessing that God has showered upon you. 

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