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Resolutions for 2021
When we think of Resolutions for 2021, so many things occupy our mind , especially our passing year 2020. We all are going through the most difficult period of our life due to this pandemic COVID-19.

Many of us have lost our loved ones. Many of us are still struggling with health issues. So many children have spent their days without their parents as they were busy volunteering in this tough COVID time.

Some or the other way, From an aged old individual to an innocent kid we all have been the part of this difficult scenario.

And of course, we don’t want this tough time to come again in our lives, but yes, it is true that we can’t control the circumstances , but we can surely put our best efforts to give better response in the future.

Here are the Resolutions for 2021 that one can make in order to make our near not only happy but fruitful too.

  • Not to take our loved ones for granted.


This should be on the top list of Resolutions for 2021. Whenever your loved ones needs you, Go and Help them. Whenever they call you. Don’t miss that call .You never know if this is the last one( sad but true).

  • Spend family time.


Family is the most important thing in the world. You can get anything in the world but not your blood relations. So, spend quality time with your parents and children.

  • Take care of health. 1,142 Take Care Your Health Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

Your both physical and mental health is of vital importance. Do regular exercise to keep your body fit and meditate daily to live peacefully.

  • Show compassion and kindness.


The next important thing on the list of Resolutions for 2021 should be compassion .Be Compassionate. Show empathy to others. You never know what their journey is all about.

  • Be grateful.


Our year 2020 has taught us so many things , One such lesson is Appreciate what you have. Remember so many people are dying to live your life. Be thankful to God for giving you this precious life.

  • Be your own competitor.

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Don’t compare your life with anyone. Always try to be a better person than you were yesterday.

  • Use affirmations.


In the list of Resolutions for 2021, Practice thinking positive and writing personal positive statements to cope with stress and fears.

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  • Eat healthy.


Good health is the necessity to live a fruitful life. Right eating leads to right thinking. Eat more food that grows on plants and trees and less food that is manufactured in plants.

  • Pray .


Pray to the Almighty to lighten your heavy life and to brighten your path.

  • Enjoy life.


Remember life is too short to be stressed. Live your life to the full extent as you only live once.


Make sure ,to add in making Resolutions for 2021 that you don’t let the feelings of past destroy your present.

If one goes through the rough period , always remember,


Always maintain your positive side. And Live Life King Size.

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