Power of Meditation

Power of Meditation

How to increase concentration

Power of Meditation:

Meditation is a practice of focusing only on one particular object or thought or any activity for a period of time, to increase the concentration power and to relax our mind and becoming emotionally aware and stable.

Meditation is practiced in various religious traditions since ancient period .

The Power of Meditation has a great impact on our mind and body. It reduces stress, anxiety and depression and increases peacefulness and wellbeing.

Meditation is to get your mind engage in a specific activity for a particular amount of time for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.


Most meditation techniques recommends practice of 20 minutes twice a day. Some techniques suggest less time especially when you are beginner. One can do meditation at any point of the day but some practitioners find practice best in the hours before dawn.


Asans and positions such as full lotus, half lotus, kneeling positions are popular in Buddhism , Jainism and Hinduism, although other postures such as sitting, lying and standing are also used. One can also meditate while doing a single task mindfully or while lying down.

Benefits of Meditation:

The Power of Meditation is huge. It provides great benefits to our body and mind.

  • It reduces the high blood pressure
  • Decreases tension and stress
  • Reduces anxiety and panic attacks
  • Helps elevate mood
  • Maintains energy levels and strengthens immune system
  • Relaxes our mind
  • Makes you emotionally stable
  • Gain clarity and peace of mind
  • Better concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Moreover, it makes you aware that your inner attitude determines your happiness.

Get started with meditation: How to increase concentration

To attain the full Power of Meditation, you need to take care of following things:

  1. Convenient timings:
    1. Mediation is relaxation. In order to relax your mind, one must choose the time when there is nobody to disturb you. The hours of sunrise and sunset are the most comfortable hours, as this is the time when there is serene calm everywhere, and this will help you to meditate easily.
  2. Quiet and Peaceful place:
    1. Choose your quiet surroundings. For the beginners quiet places are must. Once you adapt yourself to meditate, then you can meditate anywhere.
  3. Posture:
    1. Posture makes a great difference. One must sit in relaxed and comfortable posture. Remember that you can even meditate while lying in your bed.
  4. One must not be too hungry or too full while meditating. If you are hungry then your mind will focus on food and if you are full then you might doze off while practicing. So, keep your stomach relatively empty.

Types of meditation:

Meditation for Healthy Living


  1. Mindfulness meditation: It helps you understand how our mind works. To practice this one must allow series of thoughts to pass through our mind. One must not interfere or manipulate the thoughts . We become more self-aware by practicing this technoque. This practice combines concentration with awareness.

Mindfulness practice helps in reducing depression, stress and anxiety and we can cope with any situation without loosing our peace of mind. That’s the power of Meditation


  1. Spiritual Meditation: It is identical to prayer where we establish a deep connection with Universe. Our prayer can be silent , spoken or a chanted prayer. It is well suited for individuals who seek spiritual growth. It can be practiced at home or in place of worship.


  1. Focused meditation: In this practice we focus our entire attention on one thing. Practitioners usually focus on breath. It can be difficult for beginners to concentrate on one thing for long period of time. If your mind wander , it is important to come back to practice and refocus.

With commitment to the practice to understand the true Power of Mediation , your ability to concentrate will improve and you will gain the additional focus in your life.


  1. Movement meditation : As the name suggest, it is the active form of meditation. Unlike other practices, where you need to remain at one position , it focuses on the body in motion. Under this form of practice , one can meditate while walking, gardening, or washing. It is suitable for people who cannot sit at one place for long time and who can concentrate on the things while they are moving.


  1. Visualization meditation: It is quiet pleasing form of meditation. We can close our eyes and can imagine the most peaceful scenery or place or any thing that can elevate our mood or any past story that relaxes our mind. With this type of meditation, we can inculcate the habit of compassion and wisdom. And we can get positive attitude towards life.


  1. Chanting meditation: Many practitioners recommend chanting or mantra meditation. ‘Om’ is the common sound used in chanting. One must focus on sound and melody. After repetitive chanting, you feel more alert and in tune with the environment. This practice increases the deeper level of awareness and promotes inner peace.

The true Power of Mediation transforms your personal lives, professional lives and your relationships. It might become difficult for some but by sticking to it with dedication you will surely enjoy its huge benefits.

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